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About Classical 94.7 WCNH-LP

Our Mission Statement

WCNH radio 94.7 FM is a nonprofit low-power FM radio station whose mission is to broadcast classical music to the people living and working within its coverage area of greater Concord New Hampshire, provide an opportunity for local classical music artists and composers to have their music presented over local radio broadcasts, and promote the appreciation and listening enjoyment of classical music.

What is WCNH?

WCNH is a low-power FM radio station operating at 94.7 with a power of 45 watts. That will give Classical 94.7 a solid coverage of 4 miles, and a less reliable coverage range up to 7 miles.

Recently we were awarded a new license for 91.5 FM that will replace the 94.7 channel.  This new frequency will increase our coverage are and allow us to add repeater channels around the state when the opportunity arises.  Construction of the 91.5 channel should begin mid-2009.

What does WCNH program?

Classical music, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All programmed with help from the Beethoven Satellite Network. The weekends will feature symphonies, chamber music, opera, and solo performances from the WFMT Radio Network.

What kind of expenses does WCNH incur?

There are costs for our transmission equipment, and the computer that will store and play our audio. Of course there is rent for the tower and transmitter space. WCNH will have a small staff of full and part-time employees. Other expenses include insurance, music licensing fees, new equipment acquisition, maintenance, office and fundraising expenses, internet access, and so on.

Who is Highland Community Broadcasting?

Edward Bordeleau runs Pianoarts in Hooksett, a family business selling fine pianos, sheet music, and accessories.  Ed also provides piano tuning.  Learn more at

Ginger Kozlowski is the editor of  Neighborhood Newspapers in Manchester, publishers of The Bedford Bulletin, The Goffstown News, The Hooksett Banner, and The Salem Observer. She also has years of experience as a radio announcer.  She is the treasurer of Highland Community Broadcasting.  She is also the female voice you hear reading underwriting messages on WCNH.

Harry Kozlowski was the program director of WJYY and WNHI radio in Concord, a position he held since 1994. He has over 25 years of experience in radio as an announcer, producer, programmer, and manager. He's also been heard filling in at New Hampshire Public Radio from time to time. Kozlowski is the president of Highland Community Broadcasting, and serves as station manager of WCNH.

Michael Lenehan is a former attorney at Concord law firm Ransmeier & Spellman.  But many of you know Mike from his involvement in many boards including the Friendly Kitchen, Granite State Symphony Orchestra and the Granite State Opera

William Politt is our underwriting specialist.  Bill tirelessly canvases the Concord area encouraging local businesses to support Classical 94.7 with an underwriting package.  No matter what the size of your budget is, Bill has an underwriting program you can afford.

Loretta Prescott is our newest board member.  She is also the development director for New Horizons in Manchester.  But she also has a long resume in radio places like Washington DC and Portland, Maine. If you ever visit York Beach or Kennebunkport, stop by Kettle Boys Popcorn or Blues Burger, both run by her and husband Jeremy..